Activation: Engagement: Performance.

Mobilising the power of sport and physical activity.

About Us

We are a UK-based limited company which, since 2011, has worked tirelessly to encourage people and organisations to adopt sport and physical activity as part of their lives or use them as a metaphor to inspire personal and organisational development.

Core Principles

We have a very simple philosophy to guide our work with you, based upon five core principles:

Integrated Support, where we work with you, not for you, to identify solutions which are aligned to your organisation’s own objectives and ethos;

Evolution, not Revolution, where we recognise what is working well in an organisation or process and seek to build on that;

Humility, where we learn and grow together;

Positive Relationships, where we build and sustain meaningful partnerships and relationships;

Making a Difference, where we aim to change lives in and through physical activity and sport.

Our Offer