Our Work

SPORTSMITH has worked internationally with a wide range of organisations, from national government departments and bodies to local groups and charities to add value to their offer, re-shape strategic priorities or create and deliver transformational policies and programmes. This work has been carried out in voluntary, public and private sector settings and from engagement to elite performance sport.

Clients and Partners

SPORTSMITH has been delighted to work with and for many prominent organisations, including:

Strategy Development

We work with you to develop strategies and programmes to deliver your sport or physical activity objectives, or to use sport and physical activity to deliver your wider objectives.

Organisational Development

We support and advise on the development of organisations. We devise and deliver a wide range of training and personal development programmes to nurture and grow your people in and through physical activity.


We create, develop and implement innovative solutions to promote engagement in sport and physical activity. We help to build communities through sport and physical activity.

Our Projects

We would be delighted to discuss any of our previous or current projects with you to identify how we can support your organisation to develop in or through physical activity or sport. We would be equally delighted to tap into your own innovation and expertise in the search for positive solutions and outcomes.

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